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2023: A Year of Innovation

2023 was a big year for us here at TANDEMKROSS. We launched products for a number of platforms from Browning® to Taurus™ and a range of firearms in between. Here are some of our favorites.

1. Manticore X Lower and Manticore LITE Trigger Assembly

Cyber Monday 2023 saw the release of our most ambitious product launch yet: the Manticore X Lower for Ruger® 10/22®. Introducing the modularity and versatility of an AR-style lower to the 10/22® platform was the next evolutionary step after launching our original Manticore Trigger Assembly. Our primary goal was to provide a minimalistic, complete lower that could be easily swapped out depending on what kind of use you had in mind for it. It was also paramount we accomplish this unique feat of innovation while still providing the same great performance TANDEMKROSS parts are known for. Unlike traditional 10/22® chassis or stocks, the Manticore X boasts a lightweight frame that integrates the trigger assembly into the chassis. This seamlessly mounts to Ruger® 10/22® receivers, barrels, and a myriad of aftermarket accessories to offer the ultimate advancement in customization and modularity. Its compatibility extends beyond the ordinary, allowing shooters to explore diverse configurations tailored to their preferences.

For those in search of a low-profile trigger assembly, we announced our Manticore LITE in October 2023. The Manticore LITE features a pull weight-adjustable Ultimate Trigger Kit, Guardian Bolt Release, and new Skeletonized Magazine Release. This is an excellent option for a lightweight and durable trigger housing to complement your rimfire icon.

Check out the Manticore X launch video

Check out the Manticore LITE launch video

2. #TANDEMIZED Tactical Pistol

We fought to offer you an affordable, all-encompassing pistol that feels at home in the hands of a beginner, pro, or anyone in between. With our Cthulhu Aluminum Lower as a base, the suppressor-ready Ruger® Mark IV™ 22/45™ Tactical upper featuring a factory accessory rail was the perfect pairing. To complete this fully comprehensive build, we turned our attention to finding the right accessories. First, we selected the Inforce® WILD1 mounted light for its ambidextrous activators and superior illumination in low-light situations; easily revealing those hard-to-see targets. Then, we topped it all off with a Swampfox Optics Justice 1x27mm Red Dot Sight designed for both everyday carry and competition applications.

Check out the #Tandemized Tactical Pistol launch video

3. UPRISER Chassis

The UPRISER Chassis for Ruger® PC Carbine™ has been a staple for TANDEMKROSS since its release in 2020. It is made from lightweight, reinforced polymer and reduces weight while also enhancing balance and feel. The versatile design accommodates virtually all AR pistol grips and mil-spec buffer tubes/stocks for maximum customization. The comprehensive upgrade includes an extended magazine release and flared magwell for faster magazine changes. While the UPRISER supports virtually any AR pistol grip, it comes with an included TANDEMKROSS hiveGrip for improved comfort and control.

Check out the UPRISER Chassis video

4. Cornerstone Rotary Safety

After we introduced the Manticore Trigger Assembly for Ruger® 10/22®, one of the most popular requests we received was to release our rotary safety as a standalone product. It is an ambidextrous, rotary safety that very clearly shows the safe and fire positions. Shortly after its release for 10/22®, we were inundated with requests to offer a version for the Ruger® PC Carbine™ as well. We gladly released the rotary Cornerstone for PC Carbine™ a couple short months later.

Check out the Cornerstone Rotary Safety for Ruger® 10/22® launch video

Check out the Cornerstone Rotary Safety for Ruger® PC Carbine™ launch video

5. halo & Marksman Sight System

You may have one of a number of different styles of slide depending on the precise year and model of your Browning® Buck Mark. Our original “Style A” halo Charging Ring only fits one of these styles. Last year, we launched our new “Style B” halo to fit a second version of the slide, widening its reach and allowing more people to benefit from a faster, more comfortable way of charging their pistol.

The Marksman Sight System for Browning® Buck Mark is another top-of-the-line firearm accessory designed to enhance your shooting experience. Made from aerospace-grade aluminum, it is a durable and reliable optic mount that features a fiber optic sight set adjustable for windage and elevation and capable of co-witnessing with a wide range of optics.

Check out the halo “Style B” for Browning® Buck Mark launch video

Check out the Marksman Sight System for Browning® Buck Mark launch video

6. Lightened Trigger Spring

The Lightened Trigger Spring for TaurusTX™ 22 is an upgrade that reduces the trigger pull weight of your pistol by approximately 2 pounds! Take your TaurusTX™ 22 from a 5-lb pull  to a crisp and reliable 3lbs. The Lightened Trigger Spring offers a hassle-free, drop-in install that requires no complex tools or permanent modifications.

Check out the Lightened Trigger Spring launch video

7. Comet Barrel and Spitfire Barrel

The Comet Barrel for Smith & Wesson® SW22 Victory® is  a stainless steel bull barrel threaded ½"x28 that brings unparalleled performance and versatility. This shortened barrel’s design is only 2.690 inches long, keeping your pistol compact even when using a suppressor! Its adjustable thumb ledge mounted to the barrel enhances control and stability, ensuring precise and comfortable shooting.

The Spitfire Barrel for Smith & Wesson® SW22 Victory® is turned from all weather stainless steel for unparalleled durability. Carefully engineered to be lightweight and long-lasting; the tensioning sleeve not only reduces overall weight, but is also cut to vent heat away from the barrel even under heavy fire! As the barrel heats up and cools down, it stays in a stress free state thanks to TANDEMKROSS’s proprietary tensioning system.

Check out the Comet Barrel launch video

Check out the Spitfire Barrel launch video

8. Tempest Grips & Magwell, Sentinel Guide Rod, and Accelerator Thumb Ledge

New to our lineup of grips are the Tempest Grips and Magwell for Ruger® Mark IV™ 22/45™! Crafted from durable aluminum and finished in a sleek, anodized black, this set offers both aesthetics and performance in one package. Designed to effortlessly fit the Ruger® Mark IV™ 22/45™ and TANDEMKROSS Cthulhu without requiring any modifications to your frame, these grips and magwell provide a secure and comfortable hold for improved shooting precision and control.

The Sentinel Guide Rod for Ruger® Mark™ Series is engineered for performance and reliability. It is coated with a surface finish that reduces friction, making every operation smoother than ever before. The Sentinel Guide Rod can be fully disassembled for easy and thorough cleaning, ensuring your firearm remains in top-notch condition. Thanks to its captured spring design, installation is quick and simple.

The TANDEMKROSS Accelerator Thumb Ledge for Pistols is a simple, effective, and affordable way to better control the recoil of your favorite pistol and get multiple, faster shots on target. As of 2023, this popular upgrade is now available in both a right- and left-handed configuration! 

Check out the Tempest Grips & Magwell launch video

Check out the Sentinel Guide Rod launch video

Checkout the Accelerator Thumb Ledge for Pistols launch video

Thank you!

2023 was a great year for the team here at TANDEMKROSS, and we couldn’t accomplish what we do without you! 

We’re looking forward to bringing you more great new products in 2024.

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