Best Ruger 10/22 Upgrades from Pew Pew Tactical

Posted by Danielle Gagnon on 7/5/2017 to Firearm Topics


Whether you’re a competition shooter, a hunting enthusiast or a weekend plinker, chances are you own, or have at least shot, a Ruger® 10/22. There’s a reason it’s America’s favorite rimfire rifle - it’s a great shot, affordable and, most importantly, the perfect canvas for upgrades and customization!

We offer many products for Ruger® 10/22 owners to help you take your competition rifle to the next level, including upgraded internals, charging handles, muzzle brakes and an extended magazine release.

But if you’re looking to completely outfit your rifle with all of the best upgrades on the market- including lots of great #tandemized ones- look no further than Pew Pew Tactical’s complete list of the best 10/22 upgrades, from triggers and stocks to the best TANDEMKROSS parts.

Click here to read their full piece.

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