Bill's Science Corner: "Thunder" Hammer Trigger Pull Weight Testing

Posted by Bill Curtis on 7/2/2018 to Firearm Topics
Bill's Science Corner:

Whether you’re a rimfire shooting sports competitor or just a weekend plinker who likes to shoot fast, the latest upgrade in our line of SW22® Victory™ accessories is the ultimate speed shooting mod!

The TANDEMKROSS “Thunder” Hammer helps significantly reduce your trigger pull weight, boosting speed and accuracy when shooting. The “Thunder” Hammer is lighter weight than the stock hammer, reducing lock time. The hammer also featured an adjusted angle of engagement between the sear and hammer, dramatically reducing your trigger pull weight.

But don’t just take it from us. We wanted to actually show our customers just how significant a difference this SW22® Victory™ accessory can make, especially when paired with a TANDEMKROSS “Victory” Trigger.

Our video manager, Bill, set out to do just that in his latest installment of Bill’s Science Corner. Read on for his results when testing the trigger pull weight of a stock SW22® Victory™ vs. a #tandemized Victory™ pistol.

The Experiment

Bill used a trigger pull weight tester to measure four different combinations of hammer and trigger: 1) completely stock, 2) “Thunder” Hammer with stock trigger, 3) stock hammer with “Victory” Trigger and 4) completely #tandemized with “Thunder” Hammer and “Victory” Trigger.

To get a fair comparison, Bill measured the pull weight by pulling from the middle of each trigger, since that is the only place you can put your finger when pulling the stock trigger. He ran each test three times, taking the average of each pull weight.

The Results

The results of the experiment were clear: the TANDEMKROSS upgrades significantly reduced the trigger pull weight. And by having two parts that work together to reduce pull weight, you can really fine tune your gun to get the pull weight you want. Shooting Steel Challenge? Use both the #tandemized SW22 hammer and the SW22 trigger for the lowest pull weight possible. Shooting an NRA or Bullseye competition? Choose one upgrade for a slightly higher pull weight (that still rocks!).

Test 1: Stock Hammer and Stock Trigger

Average Pull Weight: 4lbs, 13.8oz

Test 2: “Thunder” Hammer and Stock Trigger

Average Pull Weight: 4lbs, 1.4oz

Test 3: Stock Hammer and “Victory” Trigger

Average Pull Weight: 2lbs, 13.3oz

Test 4: “Thunder” Hammer and “Victory” Trigger

Average Pull Weight: 1lb, 14.4oz

*Individual results may vary due to factory tolerances.

Bonus Testing

While we ran our experiment pulling from the middle of the trigger, the fact is that most users of the TANDEMKROSS “Victory” Trigger actually place their finger lower down on the trigger. It’s one of the benefits of a flat-faced trigger! Placing your finger lower down improves your leverage and offers an even better trigger pull.

To determine what a truly #tandemized trigger pull would feel like for the user, Bill ran his tests with the “Victory” Trigger one more time - placing the pull weight tester at the bottom of the trigger.

Test 1: Stock Hammer and “Victory” Trigger (pulled at the bottom of the trigger)

Average Pull Weight: 2lbs, 4.1oz

Test 2: “Thunder” Hammer and “Victory” Trigger (pulled at the bottom of the trigger)

Average Pull Weight: 1lb., 8.2 oz.

It’s clear that the “Thunder” SW22® Victory™ Hammer, especially when combined with a “Victory” SW22® Victory™ trigger, has a profound impact on trigger pull weight.

Upgrade your SW22® hammer today and be on your way to even faster competition times for Rimfire Challenge, Steel Challenge and more! Click here to watch the installation video for this part and to see Bill’s experiment in action.

Don’t believe us? Check out these video reviews of the TANDEMKROSS “Thunder” Hammer and see what others have to say about this upgrade!

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