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Catch22 AR-15 .22lr Bolt Catch Upgrade
Get the Catch22 AR-15 bolt catch upgrade for AR15 22lr conversion kits.

Catch22 AR-15 .22lr Bolt Catch Upgrade

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At a glance:

  • Replacement bolt catch for .22lr converted ARs

  • Enables proper bolt catch function

  • Works with most common .22lr conversions

While AR-15 rifles that have been converted to shoot .22lr are a fun and inexpensive way to shoot, the conversion process removes a key function of the AR-15: the bolt catch. When a standard AR-15 is upgraded with a .22lr conversion bolt or replacement upper, the bolt catch stops working.

The Catch22 AR-15 .22lr Conversion Bolt Catch offers a simple solution. The Catch22 is a direct replacement for the standard AR-15 bolt catch, and will work with most common .22lr conversions.

While magazines that hold the bolt open can be a good solution for this issue, this doesn’t offer the same functionality as a standard AR and does not allow you to properly show clear at a range.

The Catch22 AR-15 bolt catch is compatible with Spike’s Tactical, CMMG and Tactical Solutions upper receivers and conversion bolts, as well as Ceiner kit conversion bolts. The bolt catch is not compatible with DPMS uppers, Colt bolts or M261 conversion bolts.

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