"Everything Kit" for the KelTec PMR30° and CP33°
'Everything Kit' for the KelTec PMR30™ and CP33™

"Everything Kit" for the KelTec PMR30° and CP33°

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Get the best upgrades for your KelTec CP33™ and/or PMR30™ rimfire pistols in the TANDEMKROSS "Everything Kit" for KelTec PMR30™ and CP33™, available for a limited time only!

This Kit Contains:

1x "Victory" Trigger

1x "Cornerstone" Safety Thumb Ledge

1x "Accelerator" Forward Thumb Ledge

1x "SuperGrips"

1x Maverick Base Pads

1x [TK] Glow in the Dark Velcro Patch

*This kit is available in Black and LTD Red*

"Victory" Trigger:

  • Flat-faced, skeletonized design for better control and feel

  • Textured trigger face offers a no-slip grip in any condition

  • 100% adjustable for pre-travel and post-travel

The factory KELTEC trigger stands out in the rimfire market for its crisp feel and light trigger pull. But even good triggers can be made GREAT! The new TANDEMKROSS “Victory” Trigger for the KELTEC CP33™, compatible also with the PMR30™ and the CMR30™ is the ultimate KELTEC upgrade - ideal for speed shooting competitors!

The TANDEMKROSS “Victory” Trigger is pre- and post-travel adjustable to allow each shooter to customize their CP33™, PMR30™ and/or CMR30™ trigger upgrade.

The skeletonized, lightweight design of the TANDEMKROSS “Victory” trigger provides a flat face that allows the shooter to pull straight back and makes it easier to tell if they are pulling too far to the left or right. In addition to actually reducing the trigger pull weight by up to .5lbs, the flat-faced design also allows the operator to place their finger lower on the trigger, increasing leverage and giving the perception of an even lower pull weight.

The textured trigger provides a no-slip surface regardless of speed or weather and allows for short, repeatable, identical trigger pulls. The trigger is made from aircraft-grade aluminum to be lightweight and durable.

The TANDEMKROSS KELTEC "Victory" Trigger for KELTEC CP33™, CMR30™ and PMR30™ are one of the best KELTECupgrades for competition shooters. Get yours today and take a giant step closer to VICTORY!

"Cornerstone" Safety Thumb Ledge:

  • Oversized 1911-style safety ledge

  • Simplified safety manipulation

  • Improves hand placement for a better grip

Whether you’re a competitive shooter working to improve your speed and accuracy or a weekend plinker looking for better control over your pistol, a strong, proper grip is key. The "CornerStone" Safety Thumb Ledge from TANDEMKROSS is the ideal upgrade to boost your control!

Made from anodized aluminum for long lasting durability. The oversized, 1911-style safety ledge, enhances the external factory safety. This drop-in part is easy to install and does not change the internal components of the gun.

With an easily identifiable “clicking” sound, you can be sure if the firearm moves from a safe, or live position, increasing safe handling skills and confidence. The “CornerStone” also provides an ideal thumb placement for a secure grip providing consistent hand positioning and helps to control muzzle flip.

Don't settle for less! Give your KelTec CP33™, KelTec PMR30™ and the KelTec CMR30™, a boost in control and style with the "CornerStone" Safety Thumb Ledge today!

"Accelerator" Forward Thumb Ledge:

  • Positions your thumb forward for improved grip & control

  • Precision machined from aluminum for long-lasting durability

  • Easy installation - no modifications to your Glock is required

KELTEC pistols are popular among competition shooters in speed shooting sports. But even a good competition gun can be improved. Stop struggling with gun malfunctions and get a better grip on your KELTEC pistol during competition with the new TANDEMKROSS “Accelerator” Thumb Ledge for KELTEC pistols, an easy upgrade to make your firearm great!

The KELTEC thumb-rest is designed to offer an improved two-handed grip on the pistol for right-handed shooters, positioning the user’s non-dominant thumb forward to grip and control. The thumb ledge can also help reduce gun malfunctions caused by the thumb interfering with the pistol’s slide.

Precision machined from 6061-T6 aluminum and Class 3 hard coat anodized for long-lasting durability, the “Accelerator” Thumb Ledge for KELTEC installs in minutes, with no special tools needed and without any permanent modifications to the firearm.

Upgrade your CP33™ and/or PMR30™ today with the “Accelerator” Thumb Ledge!

This kit fits the following KELTEC models:

  • CP33

  • PMR30

Super Grips:

  • Improves pistol control and feel 

  • Easy installation

  • Can be removed without leaving residue

  • Made in the USA

Whether it’s sweat, rain, gloves, or you just want a better feeling grip on your polymer framed PMR30™ or CMR30™, look no further than the TANDEMKROSS SuperGrips!

These grips are manufactured from a textured rubber material that will help you maintain control of your PMR30™ or CMR30™ without drastically changing the grip thickness. Easy to install, simply un-peel the backing material and wrap the "SuperGrips" around the front of the grip frame and each side.They have a slightly tough and tacky feel to provide maximal non-slip retention.

Originally developed for Law Enforcement, you can have the same grip control throughout multiple shots with the TANDEMKROSS PMR30™ and CMR30™ "SuperGrips" today!

*Fits both the KelTec PMR30™ and KelTec CMR30™

"Maverick" Extended Base Pads

At a glance:

  • Prevents accidental magazine releases

  • Improves speed and control of magazine changes

  • Ergonomic, skeletonized design

*Includes two base pads per order.*

While the KelTec PMR30™, CMR30™ and CP33™ are popular for their lightweight design and high magazine capacity, many users struggle with accidental magazine release. The TANDEMKROSS “Maverick” Extended Magazine Bumper offers an oversized grip that protects the heel release button, putting a stop to accidental magazine release while improving the consistency of positive magazine changes.

The ergonomic design fits the natural shape of the hand, ensuring a more comfortable and consistent magazine seating for all users. The extended magazine base pad is made of lightweight Zytel and features a skeletonized design to increase grip surface area with minimal added weight. Should the magazine get stuck, the skeletonized design offers the user a ring pull for easy pulling from the magazine well.

This drop-in magazine shoe easily attaches to the bottom of the KelTec PMR30™, CMR30™ or CP33™, magazine using the factory-installed base pad attachment. It does not require glue or gunsmithing and can be easily installed by the user.

*Don't forget all TANDEMKROSS products are made in the USA and come with a LIFETIME guarantee!*

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