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"FrankenRuger" Everything Kit for the Ruger MKIV 22/45- OCTOBER

"FrankenRuger" Everything Kit for the Ruger MKIV 22/45- OCTOBER

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This October, make your Ruger® MKIV™ 22/45™ come alive, with the new "FrankenRuger" Everything Kit for the Ruger MKIV™ 22/45™ from TANDEMKROSS. This limited time kit includes all of the best upgrades to take your Ruger® MKIV™ 22/45™ and MKIV™ 22/45™ LITE™ from good to great!

This kit includes:

"Victory" Trigger

The trigger of any firearm is critical and must give the shooter as much control as possible. The sleek, skeletonized, and lightweight design of the TANDEMKROSS "Victory" Trigger for Ruger® MKIV™ 22/45™ provides a flat face that many shooting pros prefer as opposed to the traditional curved triggers commonly seen in the Ruger® 22/45™ market.

This design allows the shooter to pull straight back instantly providing the operator with the ability to tell if they are pulling too far to the left or the right. The flat faced design also allows the operator to place their finger lower down on the trigger, increasing leverage and enabling them to take full advantage of lower trigger pull weights.

The wide face distributes the weight of the trigger pull which also results in a perception of a lower pull weight. All of "Victory" Triggers for Ruger® 22/45™ are textured, providing a no-slip surface regardless of speed, weather or shooting experience. This allows repeatable, near identical trigger pull movements.

Coupled with the provided pre-travel and over-travel fine adjustment screws, this TANDEMKROSS exclusive trigger will bring any competitor a giant step closer to VICTORY!

"Titan" Extended Magazine Release

The TANDEMKROSS “Titan” Extended Magazine Release for Ruger® MKIV™ 22/45 is a simple, drop-in replacement for the smaller factory magazine release, and offers significantly more surface area and height to boost the consistency and speed of magazine changes.

The “Titan” Extended Magazine Release comes with two release button styles for a truly custom fit. The round button style is taller and slightly wider than the factory magazine release button, but still low profile enough for shooters with larger hands. The textured, paddle-style extends the magazine release not only out and away from the gun, but also back toward the shooter - ideal for junior shooters!

Both button and paddle options are made of aluminum for long lasting durability.

"Halo" Charging Ring

The "halo" Charging Ring is an ideal upgrade for competition shooters who may need to charge the pistol or clear a jam quickly. For junior and senior shooters, overcoming the hammer can also be a serious challenge. 

Featuring a smooth, curved ring for improved leverage and easy charging for all users - whether right- or left-handed. The ambidextrous design also works with a holster.

Made of lightweight, aircraft grade aluminum, the “halo” Charging Ring improves grip and leverage for easier charging, without adding extra weight to the back of the pistol or impacting the pistol's action.

"Cornerstone" Safety Thumb Ledge

The oversized, 1911-style safety ledge, made from anodized aluminum, enhances the external factory safety, without modifying the internals of the safety mechanism. 

This drop-in part is easy to install and does not change the internal components of the gun. Installation of the "Cornerstone" MKIV  22/45  safety ledge is also a great opportunity to remove the factory ambidextrous safety, which can pinch some users' fingers while shooting.

The Ruger® MKIV 22/45  aluminum safety ledge offers an ideal thumb placement for a secure grip and provides consistent hand positioning and helps to control muzzle flip. This is one of the best Ruger® MKIV  22/45  accessories for competition shooters.

"MarkPRO" Extended Base Pads (2-Pack)

*Includes two base pads per order.*

The TANDEMKROSS “MarkPRO” Extended Magazine Bumpers for Ruger® Mark IV™ 22/45™ offers an oversized, textured Zytel® grip, allowing the user to easily bump the magazine into place for positive, consistent magazine seatings. Should the magazine get stuck, the extended base pad allow for easy pulling from the magazine well for faster magazine changes.

These drop-in MKIV™ 22/45™ accessories attach to the bottom of the factory magazine without any glue or gunsmithing - installing in minutes! This simple Mark IV 22/45 upgrade is ideal for competitive speed shooters or any Ruger® MKIV™ 22/45™ or Ruger® MKIV™ 22/45™ LITE owner looking to improve the firearm’s reliability.

"Game Changer" Compensator

When shooting for accuracy every advantage is critical for that precise shot. The high quality and specially engineered TANDEMKROSS muzzle brake was designed specifically with the 22 LR cartridge in mind. Unlike other models that have vent holes all over, the TK Compensator has directed vent ports on the top and the side giving the right amount offset for the .22LR cartridge.

Made out of high strength T6061 aluminum, this brake features strategically placed vents that dramatically reduce recoil that can ruin that once in a lifetime shot. Increase your accuracy and get the TANDEMKROSS "Game Changer" Compensator today! Looking for a great cleaner to remove carbon build-up in your compensator? Try Slip 2000 Carbon Killer - our recommended cleaner for the "Game Changer"! 

"Maximus" Plus1 Followers (2-Pack)

*Includes two followers per order*

The Ruger® MK series is a favorite for rimfire pistols for competitive shooting sports. The TANDEMKROSS “Maximus” Plus1 Follower for the Ruger® MK series is a drop-in upgrade that makes your gun competition ready. The “Maximus” Plus1 Follower allows the user to load 11 rounds into a standard 10-round magazine - ideal for rimfire competitions, which allow the shooter to start with 11 rounds. The follower is made of durable Zytel® and is bright red, improving safety by showing the shooter when the magazine is empty.

This is a simple, drop-in upgrade and does not require any special tools to install. The "Maximus" Plus1 Follower is sold in two-packs and works with both the factory magazine base pad and TANDEMKROSS "MarkPRO" Magazine Bumper for Ruger® MKIV™ 22/45™

Don’t waste time in competition with a 10-round magazine. Load more ammo with the TANDEMKROSS “Maximus" Plus1 Follower for Ruger® MK series!

*Please note: The "Maximus" Plus1 Follower is compatible with any Ruger® MK factory magazine base pad and all TANDEMKROSS extended magazine base pads.

"Shadow" Rail

The TANDEMKROSS "Shadow" Picatinny Rail for Ruger® Mark Series and 22/45™ is here and is a superior upgrade that both competition shooters and backyard plinkers can benefit from.  Not only does the Mil-spec picatinny design allow for more precise and customized placement of optics, it is the perfect length and doesn’t have an unsightly overhang over the barrel.  The underside of the rail has a relieved ejection port area to provide a sure ejection of spent brass.

This rail can be used with both fixed and adjustable iron sights in place. This gives you the option of removing your scope or red dot and using the iron sights without removing the rail.  It is available in two finishes to match or highlight your pistol and comes with installation screws.

Dimensions:  From End to End 3 3/8" From outside first rail to outside last rail: 2.9"

Volquartsen Accurizing Kit

This kit includes:

  • Volquartsen Target Hammer for Ruger® MKIV™ 22/45™

  • Volquartsen Target Sear for Ruger® MKIV™ 22/45™

  • Volquartsen Magazine Disconnect Bushing

  • Volquartsen Sear Spring

  • 2 Spacers

Lighten your Ruger® MKIV™ 22/45™ trigger pull weight and boost reliability with the Volquartsen Firearms Hammer and Sear Kit for the MKIV™22/45™. 

This kit from Volquartsen Firearms features a sear and hammer specific to the tolerances of the MKIV 22/45 Series Pistols. This modified sear eliminates the need for the Volquartsen Disconnector, leaving only the essential internal components, while still removing the magazine disconnect feature.


The Ruger® MKIV™ 22/45™ pistol is quickly becoming a favorite for Rimfire Challenge and Steel Challenge competitions and other shooting sports. For a competition-ready race gun, enhanced Ruger® MKIV 22/45 grips are key.

The new TANDEMKROSS “hiveGrips” for Ruger® MKIV™ 22/45™ is the answer to your MKIV™ grip needs! Designed specifically with competitive shooters in mind, these flexible, yet durable rubber grips feature an aggressively textured surface for the ultimate purchase and control.

Defined, ergonomic finger grooves improve hand placement for more accurate, controlled shooting, while the slim, low-profile design ensures an ideal fit for any user. Made from patented impact- and vibration-dampening material, Ruger® MKIV™ 22/45™ "hiveGrips" are an ideal upgrade for any shooting sports competitors.

These wrap-around grips are easy to install and remove for cleaning and firearms maintenance.

WARNING: This product can expose you to chemicals including quartz (sillica), which is known to the State of California to cause cancer, and mercury, which is known to the State of California to cause birth defects or other reproductive harm. For more information go to www.P65Warnings.ca.gov.

The FrankenRuger “Everything” Kit for the MKIV 22/45 is available in Black and LTD Red! 

Buy the best Mark IV™ 22/45™ parts bundled and  and get a *FREE* TANDEMKROSS drawstring bag, speed loading tool and #TANDEMIZED sticker! Save more than 14% off retail value in October 2019 only!

*Note: This kit works for the Ruger® MKIV™ 22/45™ and Ruger® MKIV™ 22/45™ LITE only. It does NOT fit the Ruger® MKIV.™

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