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FrogLube® Extreme - 1.5 oz. Tube
Get the best firearms cleaner and firearms protection at any temperature with FrogLube Extreme gun solvent - an all-temperatures gun cleaner and all-temperatures lubricant.

FrogLube® Extreme - 1.5 oz. Tube

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At a glance:

  • Works in every climate, from -40ºF to more than 125ºF

  • Remains viscous in freezing temperatures; will not burn off in high heat

  • Ideal for use in tactical rifles, precision built firearms and more

FrogLube®’s innovative new CLP “Extreme” formula was developed to allow for the transition between sub-zero temperatures and high temperatures, without having to change out their gun lubricant.

The CLP “Extreme” formula remains viscous and protects your firearm in every climate, from -40ºF to more than 125ºF. It will not burn or evaporate in extreme heat, and is still pourable in freezing temperatures.

FrogLube® “Extreme” can be mixed with standard FrogLube® CLP and is ideal for use on tactical rifles used in high-volume round counts and “tight action” and precision built firearms. The “Extreme” formula also complies with U.S. Aarmy Field Manual/Tech Manual specifications for small arms operations and maintenance.

Give your firearm the best and keep it running at its best for years to come! FrogLube® products are biodegradable and non-toxic, and safe for use on plastic, urethane, nylon and wood.

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