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Magazine Disconnect Replacement for SW22® Victory™
Replace your SW22 Victory magazine safety with the TANDEMKROSS replacement and maintain strong SW22 mag ejection.

Magazine Disconnect Replacement for SW22® Victory™

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At a glance:

  • Allows for safe removal of magazine safety

  • Maintains strong magazine ejection

  • Machined from durable stainless steel

The popular Smith & Wesson® SW22® Victory™ pistol can easily be improved by removing the magazine safety feature, allowing the firearm to fire even without a magazine. But while the firearm can function by simply removing the factory magazine disconnect bar, doing so can reduce the power of magazine ejection - a problem for competition shooters who need to change magazines quickly.

The new TANDEMKROSS Magazine Disconnect Replacement for SW22® Victory™ is a simple, drop-in replacement part for the factory magazine disconnect bar. The durable, stainless steel part simply drops into the gun’s frame in place of the magazine safety and allows for the safe removal of the magazine safety while maintaining a strong magazine ejection.

Simplify your firearm and ensure easy magazine changes with the newest of SW22® accessories from TANDEMKROSS!

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