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Molecular Advantage® Gun Oil (5cc Syringe)
TANDEMKROSS now carries Molecular Advantage gun oil, some of the best gun cleaning accessories on the market!

Molecular Advantage® Gun Oil (5cc Syringe)

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At a glance:

  • Scientifically engineered specifically for firearm performance

  • Withstands extreme conditions, won’t burn, smell or break down when firing your weapon

  • Cleans and protects all firearms parts for improved performance

Cleaning and maintenance on your firearm is important to keep your gun working at its best. But if you’re not using the best gun oil and lubricants, you may still find your gun getting dirty and damaged.

Molecular Advantage® Gun Oil is manufactured in a laboratory specifically for firearms maintenance and does not contain any additives. It’s safe for use on all inner workings of your firearm, and is designed to seep into any crevices, cleaning out debris and creating a protective layer to guard against future damage.

While some gun lubricants may change chemical composition under the extreme heat, pressure and friction produced when firing a gun, Molecular Advantage® Gun Oil is designed to withstand these conditions and continue to lubricate and protect your firearm. The gun oil is resists moisture and protects against rust. Use the gun oil on your bore to push out debris and create an extremely smooth lubricant layer for cleaning.

The first time you use Molecular Advantage® products, they will fill in the pores of your gun and push out carbon deposits and debris. Molecular Advantage® products enhance the metal of your gun and create a smooth surface. When you clean your gun all you'll need to do is wipe off the debris-filled layer and add another new lubricant layer. It's that simple!

Clean and maintain smarter with Molecular Advantage®!

All Molecular Advantage® products are manufactured in the USA!

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