NEW PRODUCT - "Sentinel" Stainless Steel Captured Spring Guide Rod for SW22® Victory™

Posted by Bill Curtis on 11/25/2019
We'll be releasing new products all week leading up to Black Friday! Today's is a "Sentinel" captured spring rod for SW22® Victory™. Check out Bill's video showing you all the benefits it offers!


Simplify the takedown and reassembly of your SW22® Victory™ with this high quality, stainless steel, one piece replacement for your two piece factory guide rod. The "Sentinel" drops in easily and is unlikely to go flying during takedown and reassembly, making working on your SW22® Victory™ simpler and safer.

Head over to and pick one up. Don't wait, because TODAY ONLY (11/25/2019) you can get 15% off Tandemkross-branded items and free shipping with the purchase of a SW22® "Sentinel!"
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