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"Range Essentials" Combo for the SW22® Victory™
"Range Essentials" Combo for the SW22® Victory™ by tandemkross

"Range Essentials" Combo for the SW22® Victory™

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Luck favors the prepared! 

Lost or broken springs, light strikes or failures to eject can put an end to your day of shooting if you do not have these important replacement parts on hand!

Don't let the unexpected end your day of shooting! Be prepared with our new Range Essentials Kit! Lost or broken springs, light strikes or failures to eject will not put an end to your day of shooting when you have these important replacement parts on hand!  Don’t let this happen to you!


The TANDEMKROSS "Range Essentials Kit" replaces all your wearable, and easy to lose internals.  

This kit contains:

"Green Springs" Magazine Springs (3-pack):

  • Shot-peened spring offers longer life than factory spring

  • Increased output force leads to reduced failure-to-feed issues

  • Replaces old, broken magazine springs

Upgrade your  SW22® Victory™ series magazines with aftermarket magazine springs from TANDEMKROSS. Magazine springs wear and weaken over time, reducing the performance of your magazines and resulting in failure-to-feed issues. Don't let an underperforming or missing spring derail a shooting sports competition or day at the range!

The new "Green Springs" for  SW22® Victory are shot-peened for a significantly longer life than the factory spring. The upgraded magazine springs reduce failure-to-feed issues and are an ideal replacement for your old, broken magazine springs. Sold in 3-packs, "Green Springs" are an ideal upgrade to keep in your range bag for easy maintenance on the go.

The dark green color of the magazine springs is a simple way to show your #TANDEMIZED pride and keep your upgraded springs separate from factory springs.

"Eagle's Talon" Extractor:

  • Machined from hardened tool steel to last a lifetime

  • Sharp "hook" design grabs casings securely and surely

  • Reduces failures-to-eject and "stove-pipe" malfunctions

The TANDEMKROSS "Eagle's Talon" Extractor for SW22® Victory™ is a much-needed reliability upgrade that replaces the factory-provided SW22® extractor. The factory extractor often can’t maintain a secure enough hold on the spent casing as the pistol is cycling, causing stove-pipes and failures-to-eject malfunctions. TANDEMKROSS "Eagle's Talon" Extractor is CNC-machined with a positive hook that will grab and secure each round until it needs to be ejected.

While the factory extractor can chip- reducing its ability to consistently extract spent casings- the “Eagle’s Talon” extractor upgrade is machined from hardened tool steel for long-term strength and durability.

Eliminate your frustrations at the range and during speed shooting competitions with the “Eagle’s Talon” Extractor for SW22® Victory™!

Extractor Spring and Plunger:

  • Plunger & spring match factory specs for ideal fit

  • Stainless steel plunger boosts durability

  • Never let a lost or broken part derail a competition or day at the range

There's nothing quite as frustrating as working on or cleaning your firearm and losing an important spring or plunger. If you've removed your SW22® Victory™ extractor or replaced it with a TANDEMKROSS "Eagle's Talon" Extractor for SW22® Victory™ then you know how easy it is to lose track of the small extractor spring and plunger.

Don't let a lost or broken spring or plunger derail a competition or day at the range again! Stock up on the new TANDEMKROSS replacement spring and plunger for the SW22® extractor and always have the spare parts you need on hand.

The plunger and spring match factory specs for an ideal fit and function. The stainless steel plunger offers more durability than the stock plunger, for longer-lasting performance. 

"Fire Starter" Firing Pin

  • Made of hardened tool steel

  • Offers long-lasting performance

  • Easy Drop in Installation

Don't let lost or broken parts derail your time at the range or in competition! Upgrade to a TANDEMKROSS "Fire Starter" Firing Pin for the SW22® Victory™ and always have the replacement parts you need at your fingertips. This replacement firing pin for SW22® is a simple, drop-in part you can install yourself - no need for a gunsmith or for help from the factory.

The durable pin is resistant to mushrooming and can withstand both extreme cold and hot conditions, ensuring consistent positive primer strikes.

Firing Pin Rebound Springs

  • Product specs match factory spring for ideal fit

  • Replaces factory rebound spring

  • Easy, drop-in installation

As an owner of a SW22® Victory™ series pistol, it’s not uncommon to experience a broken or lost firing pin rebound spring. Stock up on replacement rebound springs and avoid the hassle of a missing or broken part when at the range or working on your gun.

These SW22® Victory™ rebound springs match the factory rebound spring specifications for an ideal fit in your SW22® Victory™ pistol. These are a drop-in part that require no tools to install. The springs come five in a pack, to ensure you always have extras on hand.

This month only get all your range essentials in one convenient kit!

Don't forget, all TANDEMKROSS products are Made in the USA and come with a LIFETIME guarantee!

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