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Ruger® 10/22 Bolt Improvement Kit
The new TANDEMKROSS Ruger 10/22 Bolt Improvement Kit features a CNC-Machined Bolt by RimEdge and Shock Block Bolt Buffer.

Ruger® 10/22 Bolt Improvement Kit

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Make your Ruger® 10/22 competition-ready for the 2017 shooting sports season with the limited time only Bolt Improvement Kit from TANDEMKROSS and Rim/Edge. With this kit, get a free "Shock Block" Bolt Buffer when you purchase it bundled with a "KrossFire" CNC-Machined Bolt!

This kit includes:

The TANDEMKROSS Bolt Improvement Kit will take your Ruger® 10/22 to the next level, and prepare you for Rimfire Challenge, Steel Challenge and other speed shooting sports competitions. 

CNC-Machined from hardened tool steel, the “KrossFire” Bolt by Rim/Edge features a pinned firing pin to restrict the vertical movement and strike the cartridges in a consistent manner, reducing misfires. The CNC-machining process allows for precise headspace measurement, ensuring the bolt face sits flat against the barrel and improving firing pin impact.

The CNC-machined “KrossFire” bolt features a polished finish that is much smoother than the factory bolt, ensuring the bolt rides smoothly over the hammer for improved cycling and a smoother trigger pull. Upgraded 10/22 bolt includes a laser-cut steel firing pin and steel extractor to reduce failures to fire and failures to eject.

Keep your upgraded bolt (and your rifle!) running at its best for longer with the "Shock Block" Bolt Buffer from TANDEMKROSS. The 10/22 bolt buffer eliminates the metal-to-metal contact between the bolt and the receiver, and eliminates vibration caused by this contact. The "Shock Block" also reduces impact stress on the receiver, and is made for high tolerances, high impact resistance and superior load bearing properties. 

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