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SW22® Victory™ Race Gun Kit

New Dealer Exclusive!

Race Gun Kit for SW22® Victory™

Get the best upgrades for Smith & Wesson's SW22® Victory™ in one, complete kit.

While the SW22® Victory™ is a great gun out of the box, if customers are looking to take their pistol to the next level - whether for competition or weekend plinking - the TANDEMKROSS "Race Gun Kit" is the perfect upgrade.

The new "Race Gun Kit" combines our best competition upgrades for the SW22® into one, self-contained kit that turns the Victory™ into a competition-ready race gun.

*Kits are available in black or silver*

This kit includes:

We're offering this kit to dealers for just $89.99 - more than 30% OFF MSRP!

With the holidays fast approaching, now is the time to offer this kit to your customers. Whether they've already purchased an SW22® Victory™ or are purchasing one as a holiday gift, this kit is the ideal add-on.

Offer your customers the ultimate competition upgrades in one simple product and earn a profit of up to 35%! Offer gunsmithing and installation services, and boost your cart size even further.


Dealer Price$89.99 (save 13% vs. buying each part separately!)
Your Profit MarginUp to 35% per kit!

Place your first dealer order with TANDEMKROSS, and get FREE SHIPPING!

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