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SW22® Victory™ Trigger Upgrade Combo
Improve trigger pull and remove your SW22 magazine disconnect with the SW22 Victory trigger upgrade kit from TANDEMKROSS.

SW22® Victory™ Trigger Upgrade Combo

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**Installation Note** We have updated the trigger to include a new retaining screw in the top of the trigger. Loosen the screw so that the disconnect bar can slide into the top of the trigger, then tighten the retaining screw down all the way. This will lock the disconnect bar to the top of the trigger and prevent it from walking forward, not allowing the trigger to reset.

Get the ultimate SW22® Victory™ trigger upgrade and boost your firearm's function and reliability when you combine the trigger upgrade with our SW22® magazine disconnect replacement bar. This combo is available in March 2018 only, so get yours while they last and save!

This kit contains:

1 x "Victory" Trigger for SW22® Victory™

1 x Magazine Disconnect Replacement for SW22® Victory™

The skeletonized, lightweight design of the TANDEMKROSS “Victory” trigger provides a flat face that allows the shooter to pull straight back and makes it easier to tell if they are pulling too far to the left or right. In addition to actually reducing the trigger pull weight by up to .5lbs, the flat-faced design also allows the operator to place their finger lower on the trigger, increasing leverage and giving the perception of an even lower pull weight. The TANDEMKROSS “Victory” Trigger removes nearly all pre-travel upon installation, and comes with pre- and post-travel adjustment screws to allow each shooter customize their SW22® trigger upgrade. 

The textured SW22® trigger provides a no-slip surface regardless of speed or weather and allows for short, repeatable, identical trigger pulls. The trigger is made from aircraft-grade aluminum to be lightweight and durable.

Improve your pistol's function even more with the SW22® Victory™ Magazine Disconnect Replacement from TANDEMKROSS. This is the perfect addition to an upgraded trigger, and allows for the safe removal of the magazine safety while maintaining a strong magazine ejection. Removing the magazine safety can also help improve the function of your trigger, for a smoother trigger pull. This simple, drop-in replacement for the magazine disconnect bar simply drops into the gun's frame in place of the magazine safety.

Learn more about the benefits of removing your magazine disconnect in your SW22® Victory™ on our blog.

Don't forget! All TANDEMKROSS products come with a no-hassle lifetime guarantee!

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