TANDEMKROSS Introduces the "Maximus" Plus1 Follower for Smith & Wesson® SW22® Victory™

Posted by Danielle Gagnon on 10/7/2016 to Firearm Topics
TANDEMKROSS Introduces the

HOOKSETT, N.H. - The Smith & Wesson® SW22® Victory™ is growing in popularity among the shooting sports community for its out-of-the-box accuracy and control. A new upgrade from TANDEMKROSS makes this firearm even better for speed shooting competitions.

TANDEMKROSS, a top manufacturer of aftermarket accessories for rimfire pistols and rifles, is pleased to announce the release of the “Maximus” Plus1 Follower for SW22® Victory™.

The “Maximus” Plus1 Follower allows the user to load 11 rounds into a standard 10-round magazine - ideal for rimfire competitions, in which shooters are permitted to start with 11 rounds. The follower is made of durable Zytel® and is bright red, improving the firearm’s safety by showing the shooter when the magazine is empty.

This is a simple, drop-in upgrade and does not require any special tools to install. Users can quickly and easily increase their magazine capacity and load more ammo with the “Maximus” Plus1 Follower from TANDEMKROSS.

Click here to learn more about the “Maximus” Plus1 Follower for SW22® Victory™.

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