The Best Gifts for Gun Owners

Posted by Danielle Gagnon on 11/23/2016 to Firearm Topics
The Best Gifts for Gun Owners

Looking for the best gifts for gun owners this holiday season? Look no further than the TANDEMKROSS Gun Owner Gift Guide - just in time for your Black Friday and Cyber Monday shopping! Get ready to shop Black Friday gun deals and cross off all the items on your holiday shopping list with this guide.

Whether you're shopping for a Ruger® owner, Smith & Wesson® owner or Browning Buck Mark owner, looking to find the perfect gift for a rimfire competition shooter in your life, or just looking for fun and unique stocking stuffers for your family, we've got the holiday shopping solutions you need! Read on for our best recommendations.

Best Gifts for Gun Owners

1. "Quick Grip" Magazine Pouches: The TANDEMKROSS "Quick Grip" Magazine Pouches are a great gift idea for any rimfire competitor on your holiday shopping list (or any highly organized weekend plinker). The are adjustable to fit almost any .22lr single stack magazine, and feature a unique, interlocking design to easily hang multiple magazines from your belt. They were a popular upgrade at the NSSF Rimfire Challenge World Championships this October, because they make organizing your magazines - and retrieving them quickly - simple.

2. "Medic Mat" Gun Cleaning Mat: This is a must-have gift for any gun owner and is an especially great compliment to a gift of other [ T K ] parts. Give your loved ones the best surface for cleaning and upgrading their gun with the new TANDEMKROSS "Medic Mat." Made of non-slip neoprene that protects firearms and your work surface, the "Medic Mat" boasts an 11" x 17" work space for firearms maintenance. A strong magnetic corner ensures you don't lose small parts while your working, and a compact carrying case makes it easy to fit the mat in any gun bag for on-the-go maintenance at the range or during competition.

3. Magazine Loading Tool: Nothing can put a damper on a great day at the range quite like the pain of loading and re-loading all those magazines! Spend more than an hour shooting and you're bound to wind up with sore, raw fingers from holding down that follower button. Enter the TANDEMKROSS Loading Tool and Lanyard! This item is a fantastic stocking stuffer for any gun owner on your list, whether they spend their time competing or just shooting at their local gun club. If they're loading magazines on a regular basis, this will be their favorite holiday gift! Simply slide the tool over the top of the magazine and use it to push down the follower button easily - no more sore fingers! At only $5.99, you can get them for everyone on your holiday shopping list!

4. Gunsmither Pistol Pal:While the new Ruger® MKIV may be easy to take apart for cleaning and maintenance, owners of Ruger® MKI, MKII, MKIII & 22/45s know far too well the challenge of taking down their pistol. The Gunsmither Pistol Pal makes that process significantly easier! Designed to fit in your shooting box, range bag or pocket, the tool was designed by a professional gunsmith to ease the disassembly of the MK series pistols. This tool makes opening the takedown latch a snap, serves as a punch to drive out stubborn bolt stops and also features a self-contained tool for removing that pesky extractor. It can even help make loading magazines easier! Give your favorite gun owner the gift that keeps on giving by making firearm maintenance easier - and help keep their gun performing longer!

5. "High Performance Kit" for Ruger® 22/45:Get all of the best upgrades for Ruger® MKIII 22/45 in one kit - the perfect compliment to a new, not yet upgraded, gun! Whether you know someone getting a Ruger® MKIII 22/45 for the holidays, or know someone who already has one but hasn't done much upgrading, the TANDEMKROSS High Performance Kit is the ultimate gift. Get all the best internal upgrades for 22/45 in one package, including a titanium firing pin, LCI replacement, steel hammer bushing to remove the magazine disconnect, improved extractor and more! Fix the most common issues with the 22/45, reducing failures-to-eject and failures-to-feed and give your friends or family the gift of a high-performing firearm - for less than $100!

6. 10/22 Magazine Assembly Tool:Anyone who has tried to take-down, clean and reassemble their 10/22 rotary magazines knows how challenging it can be to put the magazines back together. Make your favorite gun owner's life easier with the TANDEMKROSS 10/22 Magazine Assembly Tool. This simple tool kit makes reassembling magazines easy - a must for the serious competition shooter that wants to keep their rotary magazines in top performing condition. This tool is also a must-have for putting together the TANDEMKROSS "Double Kross" Magazine Bodies - the next item on our holiday gift guide!

7. "Double Kross" Double Magazine Bodies:If you're shopping for a competitive shooter this holiday season, the TANDEMKROSS "Double Kross" Double Magazine Bodies for Ruger® 10/22 are a fantastic gift idea! The "Double Kross" magazine bodies house two complete 10/22 rotary magazines, without the need for couplers! Simply transfer your rotary magazine internals into the Double Kross, and you've got twice the capacity in one magazine body - the perfect upgrade for competition shooting! At only $10, you can afford to give a Double Kross to everyone on your shopping list!

8. "Victory" Trigger:Whether you're shopping for a SW22® Victory™ owner, Ruger® MKIII owner or Browning Buck Mark owner, a TANDEMKROSS "Victory" Trigger makes for the ultimate competition-ready gift! The triggers are flat-faced and textured, offering improved grip and leverage for more accurate shots. The triggers are adjustable for pre- and post-travel, and significantly lighten the trigger pull. The flat-faced design makes it easy to tell if you're pulling too far to the left or right, and ensures short, identical, repeatable trigger pulls every time. You'll be on the nice list when you gift this trigger upgrade to your favorite gun owner!

9. "halo" Charging Ring: The "halo" Charging Ring for SW22® Victory™, Browning Buck Mark or Ruger® MKIV, MKIII & 22/45 is the perfect gift for any junior or senior shooter on your holiday gift list. While this upgrade is great for any competitive shooter, making charging and clearing jams quick and easy, it's especially helpful for young shooters and anyone with smaller hands, for whom overcoming the strong hammer spring can be a serious challenge. At only $40, it's an affordable gift that makes for a truly priceless upgrade!

10. "Game Changer" Compensator: This muzzle brake is a truly game-changing gift for a competition shooter. While .22s certainly aren't known for their kick-back, competition shooters are always looking for ways to reduce muzzle rise. The "Game Changer" Compensator from TANDEMKROSS was designed by a physicist to offer just the right amount of offset for the .22lr cartridge, without over compensating. For a competition shooter, every milisecond matters. With the "Game Changer" Compensator, muzzle rise is significantly reduced, making it easier to stay on target and making follow on shots easier. This is also a fantastic gift for young shooters who may have a harder time combating muzzle rise on their own. The "Game Changer" fits a wide range of firearms with the standard 1/2x28 threading, including the Ruger® MK series, Ruger® 10/22, Browning Buck Mark, SW22® Victory™, Walther® P22, GSG 1911-22 and more!

11. TANDEMKROSS Apparel: Shopping for someone who already uses TANDEMKROSS? Help them show off their [ T K ] pride with a branded hat or shirt! The T-shirts are made of 100% cotton for ultimate comfort - perfect for a long day at the range! Shield your eyes from the sun while shooting and represent TANDEMKROSS with one of our [ T K ] baseball hats.

Be sure to explore all of TANDEMKROSS' after-market firearms accessories for even more great gift ideas for gun owners on your list! Shop now at

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