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"Thumb Ledge Combo" for Ruger® MKIV™ or MKIV 22/45™
Get a grip kit cornerstone safety thumb ledge close-up in red by tandemkross for ruger MKIV 22/45

"Thumb Ledge Combo" for Ruger® MKIV™ or MKIV 22/45™

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January 2020 ONLY!

Pair the TANDEMKROSS "Cornerstone" Safety Thumb Ledge and the Striplin Custom Forward Facing Thumb Ledge; for a big boost in grip, control and accuracy!

This easy to instal combo is available for both Ruger® MKIV™ and MKIV 22/45™!

This kit contains:

  • Include two grip-boosting upgrades from TANDEMKROSS and Striplin Custom Gunworks

  • Forward and rear thumb ledges work together to create ideal hand placement for better control

  • Easy Installation!

TANDEMKROSS and Striplin Custom Gunworks have come together this holiday season to offer the ultimate grip upgrade for Ruger® MKIV™ and 22/45™ - the new “Thumb Ledge Combo!
The TANDEMKROSS “Cornerstone” Safety Thumb Ledge, and Striplin Custom Gunworks forward thumb ledge in one, easy-to-install kit, that will instantly boost control and performance!
The “Cornerstone” Safety Thumb Ledge replaces the external factory safety, offering an extended 1911-style thumb ledge for better hand placement - no risk of bumping the safety on while shooting!
The Striplin Custom forward thumb ledge offers ideal placement for your non-dominant hand for a secure, two-handed grip that helps prevent muzzle rise and boosts accuracy. Elevate your performance on your MKIV™ or MKIV 22/45™ with the limited edition Thumb Ledge Combo from TANDEMKROSS and Striplin Custom Gunworks!
*Please note: the grips and thumb ledges are designed for right-handed shooters.

Pair our the "Thumb Ledge" Combo with another January Special, The Red "Race Gun" Kit to boost your speed and performance!
Supported Models:

  • Ruger® MKIV™ Standard

  • Ruger® MKIV™ Target

  • Ruger® MKIV™ Hunter

  • Ruger® MKIV™ Competition

  • Ruger® MKIV™ Tactical

  • Ruger® MKIV™ 22/45™

  • Ruger® MKIV™ 22/45™ LITE

  • Ruger® MKIV™ 22/45™ Tactical

Don't forget! All TANDEMKROSS products come with a no-hassle lifetime guarantee!

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