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Volquartsen Accurizing Kit Ruger® MKIV™ 22/45™
Get the Volquartsen Accurizing Kit for Ruger MKIV and Ruger MKIV 22/45 without a trigger and use with your TANDEMKROSS Victory Ruger MKIV Trigger or Ruger MKIV 22/45 trigger.

Volquartsen Accurizing Kit Ruger® MKIV™ 22/45™

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This kit includes:
  • Volquartsen Target Hammer for Ruger® MKIV™ 22/45™
  • Volquartsen Target Sear for Ruger® MKIV™ 22/45™
  • Volquartsen Magazine Disconnect Bushing
  • Volquartsen Sear Spring
  • 2 Spacers

At a glance:
  • Upgrade key internals for improved function and reliability
  • Reduce your trigger pull weight - and compatible with your TANDEMKROSS "Victory" Trigger!
  • Fits all models of MKIV™ 22/45™
The Ruger® MKIV™ 22/45™ is a popular pistol for shooting sports! A great firearm out of the box, but they perform even better with a few aftermarket upgrades! Lighten your Ruger® MKIV™ 22/45™ trigger pull weight and boost reliability with the Volquartsen Firearms Hammer and Sear Kit for the MKIV™22/45™. 

This kit from Volquartsen Firearms features a sear and hammer specific to the tolerances of the MKIV 22/45 Series Pistols. This modified sear eliminates the need for the Volquartsen Disconnector, leaving only the essential internal components, while still removing the magazine disconnect feature.

Save yourself some money by bundling our AWESOME TANDEMKROSS "Victory" Trigger, and experience the greatest reduction in trigger pull weight on your MKIV™ 22/45™!

Supported Models:
  • Ruger® MKIV™ 22/45™
  • Ruger® MKIV™ 22/45 Tactical
  • Ruger® MKIV™ 22/45 LITE™
*Please Note* This kit is for the MKIV 22/45 styles onlyClick here for the Volquartsen Accurizing Kit for the MKIV

Please Note: This kit is compatible with all TANDEMKROSS parts with the exception of the "Blast Shield" Magazine Disconnect Replacement, which only works with the factory hammer. This kit contains its own hammer bushing to remove the magazine disconnect feature.

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