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Volquartsen Firearms Laminated Wood Grips for SW22® Victory™
Get SW22 grips from Volquartsen Firearms and improve your grip and control - perfect for bullseye shooting!

Volquartsen Firearms Laminated Wood Grips for SW22® Victory™

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At a glance:

  • Thumbrest, heelrest and defined finger grooves offer a steadier grip

  • Boost purchase and control over the pistol - great for bullseye competitions!

  • CNC-machined for precise design

While the Smith & Wesson SW22® Victory™ is quickly becoming a favorite for competition shooting, many competitive shooters struggle with the limited grip surface on the Smith & Wesson pistol.

Get a better grip and improve your pistol control with the Volquartsen Laminated Wood Grips for SW22. These target SW22 grips feature a thumbrest, heelrest and defined finger grooves to give the shooter a relaxed, steadier hold - perfect for accurate, bullseye shooting.

The SW22® Victory™ grips are CNC-machined from laminated wood and are now available from TANDEMKROSS. The grips are currently available for right-handed shooters only, and feature an extended magazine release. The grips are available from TANDEMKROSS in two color options: blue/gray and brown/gray.

Improve your grip on your SW22® and gain better control over your pistol!

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