Why I like to compete by Chase Orr

Posted by Veronica on 4/27/2015

Why I like to compete  
by Chase Orr


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My name is Chase Orr. I live in Carrollton GA. I love shooting and having fun. I was introduced to Steel Challenge in January 2014. Once I found out it was a blast I never wanted to take a break. I worked hard all year last year and got to go to Nationals this year which was in New Smyrna Beach. There is nothing better than shooting and being at the beach, it was like heaven for me. It was a great experience; I met many great shooters that always offered to help out. I got there a day early and got to practice which didn’t bother me any. That night I didn’t sleep a lot because I was so ready. When I got to my first stage I was nervous because there were lots of people, TV cameras, and Tandemkross. Once I shot my first stage it was great, and I had a good time. That night we swam and also got to eat with my shooting family which is always fun. Throughout the year I have went to many matches but none as good as Nationals. Shooting is a great thing to do. I always try to beat my old scores that what I try to achieve when I shoot or practice. I love shooting, since I got into Steel Challenge and Rimfire Challenge all I want to do is shoot. Shooting to me is a great life lesson you may need to know sometime. Shooting for me is fun but it is also helping me achieve my goals when I grow up. I want to be in the Secret Service and protect the President. Learning to shoot safe, accurate, and fast is going to help get me there. For anyone that likes to shoot, check out a steel match. You will love it.

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