Product Release: Picatinny “Accelerator” Thumb Ledge for Pistols

Posted by Alex Whiteside on 7/5/2022 to Product Releases
Product Release: Picatinny “Accelerator” Thumb Ledge for Pistols
Introducing, the newest way to claim total control over your pistol: the TANDEMKROSS “Accelerator” Thumb Ledge for Pistols! This new and exciting product is easy to install and easier to use. Made of lightweight and highly durable aircraft grade aluminum, the “Accelerator” fastens directly to your pistol’s grip frame with a single screw.

Fastening Accelerator Forward Thumb Ledge to Ruger Mark III 22/45

TANDEMKROSS’s “Accelerator” Thumb Ledge is a perfect example of the age old principle: the best solution is often the simplest solution. The “Accelerator” Thumb Ledge is designed to fasten directly to 1913 Picatinny or Weaver underbarrel rails.

Accelerator Thumb Ledge installed on TaurusTX 22

Many pistols have accessory rails on the frame or otherwise below the barrel for installing various lights or lasers. These accessory rails create the perfect location for securely anchoring the “Accelerator.” This simple method of installing an additional contact point for your support hand also creates some room for adjustability on pistols with rails featuring multiple cross slots.

Cross Section of 1913 Picatinny Accessory Rail
(Official cross section drawing of MIL-SPEC 1913 picatinny accessory rail specifications.)

Thumb rests, thumb ledges, or “Gas Pedals” are very popular and effective ways of managing recoil for pistols in the world of shooting sports. Attending a Rimfire Challenge, Steel Challenge, SASP, or Metal Madness match is a sure way to see some version of a thumb rest out in the wild.

Accelerator Thumb Ledge installed on “Vol-Kraken”

Many of the solutions that exist for thumb rests today serve their purpose well, but are designed to only support one specific model or type of pistol. Additionally, some of those options require permanent modifications to your firearm that demand a great deal of time, skill, money, or all of the above. Such operations render your favorite pistol now incapable of ever being restored to factory conditions.

Accelerator Thumb Ledge on a Taurus G3C

The “Accelerator” Thumb Ledge supports virtually any and all pistols with picatinny accessory rails in front of the trigger guard and below the barrel. With this extreme versatility, the possibilities for compatibility are practically endless! So long as your pistol has an accessory rail below the barrel that conforms to standard 1913 pitcatinny or even Weaver rail specs, the “Accelerator” should work for you. Plus, if you try it and find it’s not a perfect fit for you or your pistol, you’re protected by TANDEMKROSS’s hassle-free guarantee!

Accelerator Thumb Ledge installed on a Walther P22

Check out this video from Luke at TANDEMKROSS to watch the “Accelerator” Thumb Ledge in action. Be sure to grab one for yourself today to see what all the excitement is about!

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