The Price of Quality vs the Cost of Quality

Posted by Kane Wolf on 7/10/2019 to Firearm Topics
A very interesting and  informative letter from our friend Alex Ragulsky. 
Alex is a former law enforcement officer, US Air Force veteran, firearms instructor, hunter and competitive shooter.
Today he writes about his thoughts concerning cost and quality.
Thank you, Alex, for sharing your experiences with us !

2019 4th of July Message

Posted by Bryan Haaker on 7/3/2019 to Our Philosophy

I wanted to take a moment to share some thoughts I wrote down a few years ago in terms of our country and our status as free men and women. I’ve been doing a lot of reflecting lately on our country, our laws, political system and especially our rights. These are things I gave little consideration to when I was a young man. As I grow older I have grown more awake to just how important they are. While our great nation is far from perfect, while we may never achieve every American ideal to its maximum potential, I do feel so very lucky and proud to be an American and born into those ideals that were imprinted on us by our fore fathers.
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