Magazine Essentials Combo for Smith & Wesson® SW22 VICTORY®
Magazine Essentials Combo for Smith & Wesson® SW22 VICTORY®

Magazine Essentials Combo for Smith & Wesson® SW22 VICTORY®

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This month only - Bundle the essential Smith & Wesson® SW22 VICTORY® magazine upgrades for a reduced price! 

This combo contains:

"VictoryPRO" Extended Magazine Bumper at a glance:

  • Extended bumper improves consistency of positive magazine seating
  • Zytel® based for strength and durability
  • Lateral grip pulls offer improved surface for pulling from the magazine well

While the Smith & Wesson® SW22 VICTORY® is one of the best-functioning stock pistols on the market, the flush surface on the magazine base pads can make proper and consistent seating the magazines a challenge. For rimfire competition shooters, a loose magazine can cause significant delays in shooting time.

The TANDEMKROSS "VictoryPRO" Extended Magazine Bumper for SW22 Victory®  offers an oversized Zytel® grip. This extra material at the base of the magazine allows the user to confidently seat the magazine positively every time. Should the magazine get stuck, the integrated lateral grip pulls of the base pad allow for easy pulling from the magazine well.

This drop-in SW22 VICTORY® upgrade attaches to the bottom of the factory magazine. The installation does not require glue or gunsmithing and can be done in minutes. This simple Smith & Wesson® VICTORY® upgrade is ideal for competition shooters or any SW22 VICTORY® owner looking to improve the firearm’s reliability.

"Maximus" Plus1 Follower at a glance:
  • Increase your SW22 VICTORY® magazine capacity by 1
  • Red color shows when magazine is empty, improves safety
  • Made from Zytel® for long-lasting durability

*Includes two followers per order*

The Smith & Wesson® SW22 VICTORY® is a favorite rimfire pistol for competitive shooting sports. The TANDEMKROSS “Maximus” Plus1 Follower for the S&W® SW22 VICTORY® pistol is a drop-in upgrade to make your gun competition ready!

The "Maximus" Plus1 Follower for SW22 Victory® allows the user to load 11 rounds into a standard 10-round magazine - ideal for rimfire competitions, which allow the shooter to start with 11 rounds. The follower is made of durable Zytel® and is bright red, improving safety by showing the shooter when the magazine is empty.

This is a simple, drop-in upgrade and does not require any special tools to install. The "Maximus" Plus1 Follower is sold in two-packs and works with both the factory magazine base pad and TANDEMKROSS "VictoryPRO" Extended Base Pad.

Don’t waste time in competition with a 10-round magazine. Load more ammo with the TANDEMKROSS “Maximus" Plus1 Follower for SW22 VICTORY®!

Green Springs at a glance:

  • Shot-peened spring offers longer life than factory spring
  • Increased output force- reduces failure-to-feed issues
  • Replaces old, broken mag springs
Upgrade your S&W® SW22 VICTORY® magazines with aftermarket magazine springs from TANDEMKROSS. Magazine springs wear and tear over time, reducing the performance of your magazines and resulting in failure-to-feed issues. Don't let an underperforming or missing spring derail a shooting sports competition or day at the range!

The "Green Springs" Magazine Springs for SW22 Victory® (3-Pack) are shot-peened for a significantly longer life than the factory spring. The upgraded magazine springs reduce failure-to-feed issues and are an ideal replacement for your old, broken magazine springs. Sold in 3-packs, "Green Springs" are an ideal upgrade to keep in your range bag for easy maintenance on the go.

The dark green color of the magazine springs is a simple way to show your #TANDEMIZED pride and keep your upgraded springs separate from factory springs.

Warning: Cannot ship to Massachusetts, California, Connecticut, Hawaii, Maryland, New Jersey or New York. Do not purchase this item if you have a billing or shipping address associated with these locations.

*Please not - This combo is not available for international sales*

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