Picking a #TANDEMIZED Pistol: Which Is Right for You?

Posted by Emma Roy on 3/21/2024 to Tips and Tricks

Picking a #TANDEMIZED Pistol: Which is Right for You?

Reliability, precision, and speed are paramount in the world of competitive shooting. Few firearms embody these qualities quite like a #TANDEMIZED pistol. Boasting exceptional performance, lightning-fast cycling, and minimal recoil, these specialized firearms offer performance and affordability.


The #TANDEMIZED Ruger® Mark IV™ 22/45™ Race Gun is an obvious choice for competitive shooting in disciplines where speed is everything! This rimfire pistol comes fully upgraded with our Cthulhu Aluminum Lower and the full suite of TANDEMKROSS upgrades pre-installed. Assembled with the utmost care by our in-house gunsmiths, each pistol undergoes rigorous inspection and live-fire testing to ensure top-notch quality and safety. Available in your choice of dozens of possible color combinations, this race gun is a true work of American craftsmanship. Don't miss out on your chance to own a piece of finely-tailored excellence. Grab yours today and get ready to take your shooting game to the next level!

#TANDEMIZED Target Pistol

Finally, A firearm for beginner and experienced shooters alike. The #TANDEMIZED Target Pistol is a practical pistol to begin shooting competitively or hone your skills. This high-performance firearm combines a Cthulhu Aluminum Lower with a Ruger® Target Pistol upper to improve balance and durability. Thanks to the bull barrel being unthreaded, this pistol is available in many states our threaded options are not. The weight of the bull barrel additionally helps to keep your sights on target and tame muzzle flip. Dominate the range with this top-tier firearm now!

#TANDEMIZED Tactical Pistol

Unleash precision with the #TANDEMIZED Tactical Pistol. TANDEMKROSS’s Tactical Pistol features a Ruger® Mark IV™ 22/45™ Tactical receiver for reliability that pairs perfectly with suppressors including the GSL Woodland Suppressor. The lower component of this firearm is comprised of the #TANDEMIZED Cthulhu Lower equipped with TANDEMKROSS hiveGrips for optimal hand placement and other upgrades. Rapidly reveal and acquire your target with the Inforce® WILD1 Light and Swampfox Optics Justice Red Dot Sight.

TANDEMKROSS offers great options no matter your experience level or preferred shooting discipline! Learn more about our options through the links above and get your hands on a #TANDEMIZED pistol today!

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